6 Cool Single Board Wall Shelf Designs – Artek, Aalto, Kartell, Menu…

3. January 2019

Ferm Living – The Flying Shelf by Mario Tsai

The Flying Shelf by Mario Tsai for Ferm Living is more than just a simple wall shelf. Made from powder-coated metal, the thin shelf with the ball or the cylinder in chrome or brass is a small work of art on the wall.

The interaction between geometry and balance results in a shelf that appears to float. At first glance, these decorative elements play a key role, giving the shelf both a functional and aesthetic look. Every detail is necessary and in the right places to keep the Flying Shelf by Ferm Living on the wall.


Menu – Wall Tray by Kenyon Yeh

The Wall Tray be Menu presents itself as an aesthetic and functional wall shelf by designer Kenyon Yeh. The elegant design convinces with rounded corners and gives the shelf its extraordinary appearance. Thanks to the slightly raised edges, accessories and objects are prevented from sliding down and the items can be placed safely on the shelf a – just like on a tray.

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LindDNA – Slim Shelf

The Slim Shelf by LindDNA is proof that recycled leather is perfect for interior design. With a minimalistic framework made of thin steel and a surface made from robust, recycled leather, the slim wall shelf is both practical and aesthetic. Its design makes it the perfect place to display decorative objects, giving books and everyday object a fixed home.

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Frama – D27 Wall Shelf

Frama’s D27 wall shelf is a beautiful reinterpretation of Scandinavian shelves from the 1950s. The shelf made of oiled oak and held by two delicate metal brackets is more than pleased to display your favourite items on the wall. The simple and elegant design makes the shelf a perfect addition to various spaces from kitchen to office and living room.


Artek – 112B Shelf by Alvar Aalto

The Finnish designer and architect Alvar Aalto designed the 112B wall shelf in 1936. The company Artek still produces it today according to the classic designs. Characteristic of the design of the 112B wall shelf are the rounded, triangular brackets that lie directly on the shelf board.


Kartell – Shelfish Wallboard

The design of the Shelfish shelf is transparent – but this is positive” The transparency of the design of Ludovica and Roberto Palomba isn’t only visible in the material, but also in the shape. There are no unnecessary lines disturbing the clear image of the wallboard, which has been produced by Kartell in cooperation with the famous bath equipper Laufen.


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