The Rustic and Warm Character of the Junto Carafe and Mug Terracotta Design by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen

3. August 2019

The beautiful Junto Carafe and Mug Design made of Terracotta Clay by Normann Copenhagen

Junto carafe, designed by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen, was inspired by a traditional Spanish carafe named botijo. Like a traditional botijo, Junto carafe has two spouts, one for filling and one for pouring. And just like traditional botijos, Junto carafe is made of terracotta clay that gives it a rustic, warm character, and also helps to keep drinks cool for longer.

The dynamic appearance of Junto collection comes from the alternation of different textures: the mugs and carafe combine both matt and glazed as well as smooth and grooved surfaces. Junto brings a groovy, relaxed touch of Southern European atmosphere to Scandinavian interiors and all kinds of table settings.



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