Assemble your Own Side Table Design – Shuffle Table MH1 by Mia Hamborg for &Tradition

15. June 2019

&Tradition’s Shuffle table MH1 is a flexible piece of furniture that can serve many uses. The beautifully shaped wooden or marble blocks can be combined to place the table top at different heights, making Shuffle suitable for various kinds of spaces. By using playful colours and shapes inspired by old wooden toys, the Norwegian designer Mia Hamborg has given a new life to the old Nordic craft tradition of turning wood.

It’s up to the user to decide where to place this fine piece of furniture and even to decide the form and height of the table. A turned wooden leg divided into pieces and splashed with color is a daring and charming way of renewing the woodturning tradition. Shuffle table combines the playfulness of old wooden toys with another Nordic tradition: democracy. The users are free to compose their own table from the turned pieces and with the measures that will fit their home perfectly, spreading an aura of joy and elegance.



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