The Finnish Lakeside Nature Reflected in a Lamp – Lumme Lamp Design by Joanna Laajisto

18. May 2019

Lumme lamps by Joanna Laajisto reflect the ambience of Finnish lakeside nature. Lumme, Finnish for a waterlily, has a waterlily-like lampshade reflecting soft, downward light. The organically shaped shade is supported by a thin stem and robust base that acts as a counterweight. The adjustable shade can be turned up and down, and tilted slightly to the side. Thanks to its steel structure and delicate yet bold silhouette, Lumme is equally well suited for bedrooms, livings rooms and public premises.

“Diving through the water lilies and looking at the leaves against the sun from down below has been one of my favourite things to do since little girl,” Laajisto tells about her inspiration for the Lumme collection.

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