The Customizable Outdoor Lantern Light – Santorini Pendant Lamp Design by Sputnik Estudio for Marset

29. April 2019

Santorini pendant light by Sputnik Estudio for Marset was inspired by lanterns used on fishing vessels – and just like fishing lamps, the Santorini outdoor pendant has been built strong and weatherproof.

The special feature of Santorini is its customizable body: you can arrange the lamp shades to the diffuser in various different orders, positions, and directions, and also decide how many shades you want to use and thus play with different possibilities of direct and indirect light. The customizability also adds playful variation to clusters of several pendants. Designed by Sputnik Estudio, Santorini outdoor pendant features a 4,5-meter cable with plug, allowing you to hang the lamp above a garden table or from a tree branch.

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view the Shop

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