So Much Fun – Rope and Net Art Installations by the Design Collective Numen/For Use

13. April 2019

Numen / For Use designer collective was founded in 1998 as a platform for the collaboration of Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler, and Nikola Radeljković, operating in the domains of industrial and product design, theatre scenography, and public space installations. They have participated in numerous regional and international exhibitions and design and architecture conventions, and have received multiple awards for their work.

The collective’s early works are characterized by experimentation with radical form reduction and impersonal approach to design, with strong roots in the tradition of high modernism. Since 2004, Numen has been getting immersed in scenography and theater. They started working on public installations in 2008, longing to work with objects and concepts that have no predetermined function, which led to greater complexity in their work, but also to further spreading of their international reputation.

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