A Futuristic Marble Interior Design Dream – ROMOLA in Madrid by Architect Andrés Jaque

30. March 2019

Architect Andrés Jaque has completed ‘Romola’, a cafe and restaurant within a mid-century building in Madrid. The project transforms the former garage of Spanish architect legend Gutierrez Soto’s most significant building. While the original volume and structure remains in-tact, the experimental restaurant creates a new, open design at street level.

Described as a ‘marble-made tent in the galaxy’, the interiors stand out among the more common austere cafeterias of Madrid. In contrast to the overly used hydraulic tiles or red ceramic bricks, the design team employed vivid colors, furnishings, and high-end materials throughout the space. Andrés Jaque worked with a small number of marble manufacturers, leather upholsterers, metal benders and chrome-platers.

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