Revolutionary Office Table System by Konstantin Grcic for Design House Vitra

10. February 2019

Revolutionary System

A hacker is someone who breaks into computers and interferes with the system. A hack is fast, effective and sometimes inelegant, but still achieves the desired result without transforming the system architecture in which it is embedded. With the table system by Konstantin Grcic, Vitra puts on the market a piece of furniture that can be understood as a ‘hack’ of the office environment.

Foldable OSB

Grcic provides a solution to the typical office table that satisfies the functional and aesthetical needs of modern businesses in an innovative way. At first glance, Hack looks unfinished. The solid hinges that connect three OSB panels are precisely tooled metal pieces that facilitate Hack’s folding function, while ensuring stability. The table system can be folded into a flat box in no time and is thus space-saving and flexible.

Height Adjustable Tabletop

The table top features cutouts and trays for sockets and cables. Its height can be manually set and continuously adjusted from 30 to 125 cm with a recessed grip or a crank, thus making it possible to work either sitting down or standing up. In its lowest position, Hack can be outfitted with cushions to use as a sofa. Each Hack unit forms an autonomous element whose flexibility serves to satisfy various needs. Individually, it is a customizable workspace, whereas two Hack systems can come together as a meeting or a resting niche.

Organic Production and Use

Besides function and flexibility, Hack is also ecologically sustainable to use and produce thanks to its manual mechanics. Moreover, the tables can be made in an energy efficient manner with wooden parts that are locally produced and assembled by Vitra using prefabricated metal hardware.

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