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4. February 2019

ClassiCon modern classics are collector’s items—not only the masterpieces of yesterday, but of tomorrow as well. ClassiCon aims above all to produce individual pieces of great originality and formal perfection—pieces with the potential to become classics in their own right one day.

ClassiCon – Adjustable Table E 1027 by Eileen Gray

This is perhaps the classic among the classics. Its ingeniously proportioned, unmistakable shape has made this height-adjustable table into one of the most popular design icons of the 20th century. It is named after the summer house E 1027, “Maison en bord de mer”, that Eileen Graybuilt for herself and for her colleague, Jean Badovici.

E 1027 on

ClassiCon – Diana B side table by Konstantin Grcic 

Side table? Lectern? Hand library? Konstantin Grcic’s series of steel sheet side tables are open for many interpretations and usages – but especially for fantasy. Like letters make words, the Diana tables group to a new visual whole with other furniture and objects. With the Diana alphabet from A to F (there are that many editions of the table), a living room can be transformed into a café or into a word from a completely new, personal language.

Diana B on

ClassiCon – Pli Side Table by Victoria Wilmotte

The Pli side table goes back to a draft of French product designer Victoria Wilmotte from the year 2016. Above all, it impresses with its atmospheric elegance and its high-quality design. 
The Pli side table owes its name to its base with a design of complex structuring, resembling a large polished gemstone with its different creases and folds, providing fascinating reflections of color throughout the room and, above all, offers interesting lighting effects.

Pli on

ClassiCon – Bell side table by Sebastian Herkner

The “Bell Table“ side table by Sebastian Herkner turns the common usage of materials upside down and manages to surprise us: The table foot becomes the concise, colored-transparent glass form in the room, with a metal corpus lying on it.

The glass helps make the metal, which as such is very heavy, float. The glass foot was traditionally blown in a wooden form and it forms an interesting contrast with the pressed metal corpus. They still formally make up a harmonic unit, which reminds us of the elegant swing of a bell.

Bell on

ClassiCon – Occasional Table by Eileen Gray

The Latin for furniture, ‘res mobiles’, is based on the word mobile. Eileen Gray took this very literally. She loved light, functional furniture that one could move around without a problem. One can lift this table ‘for all occasions’ as if it had a handle and carry it exactly to where one needs it. Like the Adjustable Table E 1027, it is constructed such as to slide the base under the bedside or armchair. Thus breakfast or bedtime reading is within comfortable reach.

Occasional Table on

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