Looking Forward to the Beach with Zuzunaga

24. January 2019

Waves is a series of beach towels with 6 different designs. The colourful cotton towels aren’t only real eye-catchers in the summer, but they also spread holiday feelings in the homely bathroom.

The Waves patter was inspired by waves in the sea. The pattern was abstracted from the Op-Art by Bridget Riley and combined with different colours. Watched from further away – the colour of the towel looks like it was a natural, optical illusion. Colour and pattern result in a special image, which excites our senses.

Thereby the beach towels by Zuzunaga doesn’t only convince regarding their appearance. The beach towels are produced in Portugal and they have two sides. That’s the reason why the soft cotton towels are pleasant to be touched and very adhesive at the same time.

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